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SXS U is the learning, teaching and knowledge-sharing entity within SXS.

While we invest extensively in formal training courses and qualifications for staff we also recognise the immense value of the knowledge and learning-resources the company has in-house. SXS U is all about maximising the value of our knowledge and resources for the benefit of staff, freelancers, collaborators and friends of the company.

SXS U is also a forum for creative and technical experimentation where people can try new things, experiment and play – all in a supportive environment with access to incredible resources and one of the best work spaces in the events industry.

How do we do this?

SXS U is typically made up of training and tutorial sessions.  Each session is run by a person who has extensive knowledge and passion in their field.  The sessions will usually cover 1-2 hours and involve a mixture of traditional lecturing, coaching, hands-on use of equipment, conversation and debate.  Each session is finished with food and drink provided by the company.

What do we cover in SXS U sessions?

Sessions are typically based around live event technology, set building, fabrication, content creation, and engineering.  What the sessions are based on is typically defined by the type of projects we are working on at the time as well as new technologies we are bringing into the company.

If there is something you would like to have a session on please let us know and we can try and schedule it in.

Who can come to SXS U Sessions?

We open up SXS U to staff, freelancers, collaborators and friends of the company.  This can include prospective future staff members, associates from other industries and even our clients who are keen to learn more in depth knowledge.   Suppliers are also welcome and we encourage them to bring any new products to demonstrate as long as there is an educational value that extends beyond brand-specific features.

How often do the sessions take place?

They tend to be quite ad-hoc, but aim to do two sessions a month.

When do they take place?

Sessions will typically start at 5.30pm, after the working day.

Where do the SXS U sessions take place?

All sessions will take place at SXS HQ.  This is our complex of warehouses and outdoor space.  This includes a studio/test area, large set build area, three separate workshops, various office and hotdesk spaces, ground support rigging and kitchen.

How do I sign up?

Go to the SXS facebook page and follow the page.  You will then be invited to SXSU sessions as a facebook event.

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