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Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model

When Sky Living HD needed cutting-edge production support for Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, SXS were called in.

SXS were approached to provide a ground breaking catwalk fashion show production for Britain and Irelands Next Top Model, to be televised on Sky Living HD. We provided a range of cutting-edge production elements, many of which were developed specifically for this show, this included:

  • A completely ground-breaking underwater catwalk with a mirrored base - the catwalk itself was under 2" of water which gave the impression of the models walking on water. Under the water was a mirrored surface which added to the effect.
  • A rain-curtain was provided to give 'holographic' projections of the sponsor logo. This also acted as a backdrop effect when lighting was projected onto it
  • A complex flown truss rig for all lighting, sound, video, special effects and drapery to hang from
  • Full 3D design and visuals of the entire production design
  • Provision of all equipment and custom fabrication

"It was a pleasure to work with the BINTM team and our entire team are really enjoying to help create amazing tv shows. I invite anyone else looking to create an impressive production to get in touch as we are always excited to work on new concepts." says Johnny Palmer, the Project Manager for the event.

"The initial enquiry was in relation to providing a water screen, which is a specialist effect we developed years ago." says production manager Johnny Palmer. "After meeting the team we found that there were a range of aspects to the show I really wanted to get involved with including an underwater catwalk and some seriously exciting production. After all, it is this kind of work that inspired most of the SXS team to get into events in the first place and we all love fulfilling our career dreams."

The show was held at famous and unique London venue Vinopolis.

The most ground breaking and awe-inspiring element of the show was the underwater mirrored catwalk. The entire catwalk was constructed from a specially-sourced mirrored catwalk and was then covered in a layer of water. The addition of LED lighting created mesmerising effects as the models walked down the catwalk.

A custom-made see-through section allowed camera shots from underneath as the models walked over the top.

The SXS team also provided a customised rain curtain to show the episode sponsor's logo. This system was primed with over 1000 litres of water and featured custom flow control systems, aluminium fabrication and pipe work all fabricated in-house by the SXS team.

As well as special effects, the show also required rigging, staging, TV lighting, delayed flown sound system, drapery and set build for the show. All of this was provided by the SXS team from in-house equipment stocks. All equipment used for the show was either from SXS' existing equipment stock, or manufactured in house. No items were sub-hired in, which meant the SXS team had absolute control over the quality of the production.

"I didn't get a chance to speak to you after the event and say thank you. It all ran very smoothly and the catwalk looked amazing! I'm sure it's the biggest event we have ever pulled off on BINTM and all your hard work was gratefully appreciated. Everybody who attended said it looked beautiful and the girls really enjoyed themselves. You and your team were very helpful prior to the event and during so thank you to you all." Says Sho Bahtia, part of the productIon team for the show.

The episode was the "catwalk challenge" of cycle eight of the popular series and was televised in summer 2012.

It will be internationally syndicated to several million viewers around the world.

Find out more about our fashion project works here.


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