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  • LASER Projection now in stock

LASER Projection now in stock

We have recently invested in Panasonic PT-RZ570 laser projectors!

Laser technology is relatively new to the events industry but has now become extremely affordable to hire and use in events. Panasonic came out on top for us for a number of reasons, they have fantastic customer support, the products the produce are extremely reliable and the range of products and variations they have to offer is perfect for us.

Joe Sandford-Hughes, Head of dry hire explains the benefits of laser opposed to older lamp technology: "Lets start with the lamp life. Lamp based projectors today claim between 3000 and 6000 hours, by comparison laser projectors running at full power are claiming 20,000 hours or more, that is extremely low maintenance!  Laser projectors also have an extremely good contrast ratio compared to lamp based projectors. You will definitely notice the difference in blacks with the laser providing a more accurate black."

Heat, due to using a laser the projectors run at a much lower temperature than ‘lamp’ projectors. This results in even less problems with overheating and a whole host of other issues that can arise, it also means it runs quieter, due to not having to cool any lamps the noise level of a laser projector is kept to a minimum.

The Panasonic PT-RZ570 is an excellent choice when it comes to hiring a projector, great colour, amazing brightness, low noise and lightweight.

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