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Fashion shows are one of the most creative and exciting events for us, and the SXS Team has the right equipment and skills, to produce excellent shows.

Fast-paced, thrilling but ultimately exceptionally rewarding, we love to work on fashion show events here in the UK and abroad. Whatever the promotion, the technical expertise and skills required to produce a catwalk show require expert experience in design, production and project management, which SXS have in abundance.

Nioka - Fashion Show

Trustworthy, knowledgeable and passionate, SXS events are the perfect partner for producing a fashion show whether a small scale event on a tight budget or a shopping centre production to promote London Fashion Week. We're proud to say we have a range of satisfied repeat clients in the fashion world, from Armani to Next Top Model, who continue to use our fashion production services.

Your show may be to promote clothing, increase the profile of the designer, promote models, or to be an entertainment element as part of a larger event. We have delivered shows for all purposes and appreciate the unique approach required for each individual client's needs.

Our complete catwalk production service means that as well as creating your catwalk we can provide the production to go with it. We own all of our own lighting, sound, drapes and projectors plus the truss and accessories to rig and power it for a complete solution.

Cat Walk Fashion Show

Our fashion show production services

A fundamental aspect of any fashion label or designers brand activation and identity, fashion shows have the capacity to transform your consumer's vision of you. The challenge is ensuring your show stands out from the crowd with countless fashion houses putting on productions for the key fashion weeks and as part of their key marketing campaigns.

We're here to help you make sure your show stands out, hits the message and aesthetic you require to transmit your message and gets people buzzing about your label.

Our bespoke production service brings boundless creativity, commitment and passion to your show no matter the brief. We're as comfortable working with subtle aesthetics as we are completely experiential theatre driven productions to make your show as memorable as possible.

We start with an understanding of the style, atmosphere and ethos you want to convey. We appreciate the nature of a brief, and the intricacies you might need to convey within your production whilst staying within a strict deadline and budget. This then translates into our set, catwalk and lighting design. We also provide rigging, audio, media servers, rails and furniture including catwalk benches and interior decor.

Fashion Show Production

Our involvement in the end production of your fashion show is as flexible as you need it to be. Whether you wish to hire fashion seating and benches and specific equipment to create the experience you require or want a full production and technical management service with our experienced team on the ground running the technical side of your event.

This video shows a unique technical challenge we faced on one of our London Fashion Week Shows:

We can oversee complete catwalk, seating and stage construction, supervise and advice on all technical matters including lighting, projections, sound and visuals and be backstage at your event to ensure all the technical production aspects run smoothly.

Many of the shows we work on are based on simple clean lines and a predominantly white aesthetic, which is common for couture shows. On other shows, our catwalk show production takes a more central role, to the overall look and style of the event.

In such cases we can provide a range of experiential solutions that will really grab the attention of your audience:

  • Printed graphic backdrops with custom artwork and branding
  • LED video screen backdrops which allow the entire set to change for each element of the show by displaying different background imagery or content.
  • Water-based catwalks where models are in water, or appear to be walking on water
  • Water-based backdrops using our Aquila Water Screen System - this can be controlled to turn on and off at key moments in the show
  • Special effects including hot air, wind, snow, rain, confetti and pyrotechnics

Fashion Show Lighting

Fashion show lighting

We understand the unique needs of designers and the visual impression they need to portray. We also understand the needs of photographers, audience members and producers alike and ensure everyone's requirements are delivered.

Fashion Photographers

Most couture shows require slick, minimal set and lighting design. We have mastered the design and build of immaculate set and catwalks to ensure perfect light for both press and film.

Our lighting designs ensure perfect light distribution, even colour temperature and high colour rendition to ensure the best photos can be taken. For all major shows we produce 3D visuals that ensure everyone knows what to expect in advance. You can find out more about our extensive experience in fashion show lighting design here.

Custom Catwalk Design & Hire

If you are organising a fashion show and need a catwalk we can create your catwalk to your specification. We have custom built catwalks for a variety of productions across the UK and can build the base of the catwalk to the height, length, shape that you require before carpeting it to leave it looking sharp. Our past clients include big designers such as Armani and off schedule shows at London Fashion Week.

Alternatively, having extensive experience and a well-stocked provision of set and stage equipment, you can hire one of our ready built catwalks we hold in stock for your event. You can find out more about our catwalk hire and bespoke design services here.

Fashion Show Benches & Furniture

SXS Events specialise in custom furniture, set and stage build and have a range of fashion show benches available for you to hire for your production. All custom built by our experienced team, our benches are perfect for fashion shows, exhibitions and conferences alike.

Our benches work perfectly for a variety of catwalk production settings, whether you need a tiered view or to give your attendees a particular perspective. Subtly designed, our benches merge seamlessly into your fashion show setting leaving all the impact and visualisation where you need it most - the catwalk.

You can find out more about our custom build, installation and transportation services here.

Fashion Show

Previous projects & case studies

We've had the honour and pleasure of working on a variety of fashion projects over the years for a variety of clients in a mixture of settings.


SXS provided a complete fashion show production service for Armani in a unique setting. Using a disused shop unit, we were charged with the complete redress and technical production of this show. Find out more about this project.

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

One of the most exciting fashion shows we have worked on, we got to pull out all the stops for this production to be aired on Sky Living. Pulling on all our expertise in special effects and visualisations we provided a ground-breaking underwater catwalk, gobo projections and complete technical production of this show. See more info on this case study.

Westfield Shopping Centre

Shopping centre fashion shows always present a technical challenge. The setting for these events always requires detailed planning, rigorous safety checks and custom production to ensure the space is well used to its best. Completely blank canvas, we got to pull out all our creative set and stage design skills for this catwalk production. Click here for more info on this project.

We also do fashion shows in retail environments. This video shows the technical production we did for Woking Shopping Centre:

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