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Automation & Immersion

Work with us to create immersive experiences with the latest technology and special effects.

Event managers are always looking for new ways to engage people with their brand message or experience.  Meanwhile, many people becomming blind to manty of the traditional methods used. For this reason we have invested heavily in equipment, skills and resources to allow creation of custom experiences.

Instead of simply selling equipment into projects, we start with understanding the guest experience and work from there. Every Immersive project is looked at from scratch and often uses a mixture of "off-the-shelf" concepts as well as custom-made equipment.

Some of the concepts that have been developed in the past which are now available off the shelf include:

  • Aquila Rain Curtain
  • Snow machines for both performance spaces, audience arenas and outdoors
  • Rain Machines
  • Wind effects for both visual impact as well as guest immersion
  • Scent machines to influence all the guest's senses
  • Mist effects for entire audience areas
  • Heat blowers to give guests the impression of a hot day or other experience
  • Immersive video rooms where all walls are made of digital video walls
  • Laser-controlled automation to trigger effects
  • RADAR speed sensors to feed data back into custom software
  • Custom control software and logic controllers
  • Media-server control and triggering of effects
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to be integrated with custom software
  • integration of effects, automation, audio, lighting, video and moving items

Over the years we have manufactured a range of control systems which are now used as the building blocks for future projects. These include:

  • Arduino Control System with senor inputs and control outputs
  • 4-channel relay system to allow a 24-volt signal to power a 240 volt supply
  • Three-phase relays that allow a single phase 240volt control signal to engage a three phase supply up to 63amps
  • DMX control over 240 signals (switch pack)
  • MIDI Control to switch 24 volt control signals
  • LASER break-beam boxes that integrate with the arduino control
  • RADAR speed detector that integrates over RS232
  • In addition to these we also have a cabling and pin-connection standard to allow for easy scaling of our systems and stock cabling

Please do get in touch discuss how we can work with you create amazing experiences using our fantastic technologies and equipment.

Call us on 0333 022 0171

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