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Event Lighting

Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the atmosphere you want for your event. SXS are a leading provider of event lighting to London events and events in Greater London.

Whether you want your guests to feel relaxed, excited and enthusiastic or anything else, we can help create the mood you want using colours, shapes, toning effects and angles.

Lighting Design Service

SXS events are here to create your atmosphere and can work to custom spec throughout the whole process. We have vast experience in transforming spaces to match your theme or aesthetic whether creative lighting for an exhibition, lighting a fashion show or a corporate party.

We strive to always push the boundaries of creativity and have an innovative and enthusiastic team here drawing on years of experience in a range of settings. You can meet our lighting department and the rest of the SXS team here.

Always respectful of your budget, constraints and design parameters, our expert team can create the lighting you require no matter the circumstance. We always work closely with our client's committed to providing events lighting solutions artistically and often in what might seem impossible scenarios.

Specialist Event Lighting

SXS Events have undertaken a myriad of specialist lighting design and installation projects. We specialise in creating breath taking effects emphasizing your event. Some of the areas we work and specialise in include:

You can find out more about our lighting for events in some of these specialist settings below:

Dimming Fluorescent Event Lighting

Dimming Fluorescent Event Lighting

Most fluorescent lighting systems cannot be dimmed. However dimmable control systems are available. SXS have developed a complete dimming fluorescent system especially for live events. This system is a DMX-controlled dimming fluorescent system and allows control as part of a concert lighting, fashion show lighting or live event lighting system. Find out more here >>

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting enhancing the external features of a building in a way that perfectly complements the features of the property or grounds.

Our lighting designers have extensive experience in this field, and have worked on numerous projects ranging from large scale outdoor illuminations to highlighting the grounds of a corporate event and guerrilla style projections for marketing purposes or product launches.

Whether taking advantage of the natural features of a building to highlight in subtle and natural tones to a strong colour rich experience, our specialist designers can create and produce a design including its installations to make your venue or event stand out.

Find out more about our architectural lighting services.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

We have a vast array of lighting effects that can be used to enhance your venue and its surroundings. Using the latest technology and advanced power distribution, we can 'paint' buildings, trees and other outdoor features with different colours, shapes and flood lighting.

Buildings, trees and even rivers can all be illuminated to draw attention to their beauty and give more atmosphere to the whole setting.

Find out more about our experience in outdoor lighting in a variety of settings here.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting

Vintage aesthetics have become increasingly popular in the last few years. As a leader in creative event design we have created some stylish large-filament vintage lighting effects.

With the latest fabrication, electrical and rigging techniques we can provide this equipment to current safety regulations for use in demanding environments.

Find out more about the vintage lighting we hold in stock to create rustic, industrial or old fashioned aesthetic styles for your event here.

Concert Lighting

Concert Lighting

Whether a small scale soiree or multi-stage festival SXS have extensive experience and some of the highest quality and technically advanced lighting equipment to bring the best experience for your audience.

Concert lighting is often the visual centrepiece of live-music or other performance based events. It can also be for purely functional purposes at events like presentations and conferences. We have the skills and equipment to get the full range of applications exactly right.

We always take pride in our work and strive ot provide an illumination experience that enhances your concert production. Find out more about our concert lighting services here.

Forest Event Lighting

Forest Event Lighting

Considerate and respectful illumination of plant life can create a stunning, magical and theatrical event space. Our team love lighting such spaces.

With experience of rigging in all environments and the equipment to safely and efficiently rig luminaires in trees, we can create the perfect scenery for your event. Find out more about our forest lighting and outdoor lighting services here.

Lighting Venues

Here at SXS events we take great pride in being one of the most prestigious event lighting companies in the UK and have had the honour of working in a variety of event spaces and venues.

Being as flexible and innovative as we can be, we work in almost any space from premium Mayfair venues, to marquees and air craft hangars and event arenas.

Lighting design projects

We have had the pleasure of working with prestigious clients on a range of lighting design projects each requiring varied, flexible and meticulous event project management from ourselves.

Airbus Annual Ball at Paintworks

Our lighting services on this project involved creating an atmosphere to fit this special space. Much of the original architectural features of this building still exist and we were charged with finding a lighting desin solution that complimented this impressive space.

We also provided a range of additional services as part of our full event management solution for this prject.

Find out more here.

Barratt Homes Copper Quarter Development

A range of architecural lighting was used on this project. A truly unique space, barratt homes new development sat within a space of industrial buildings offering a stunning juxtaposition of architecture both modern and old to light. We implemented a range of colour washes and building projections ot create this atmosphere.

Find out more about this project here.

Bupa Staff Event

Bupa's internal staff event required the lighting and interior design for two very different spaces. Each requiring their own aesthetics and atmosphere. Using the latest in lighting technology, one room was designed and installed with incandescent LED lighting and the other decked out for an illuminated dance room.

See more info on this project here.

Wedding Lighting at Claridges Hotel

Working in this prestigious London landmark, SXS provided a range of lighting to compliment the colour scheme for this wedding and the stunning interiors of this hotel.

Find out more about the illumination we provided for this event here.

Lighting hire service

SXS offer a range of lighting, audio visual and rigging equipment for hire all of the most technically advanced. Our range is being constantly updated with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers.

As a dry hire client, you will benefit from the exact same level of consultancy advice, expertise and service that our core clients receive. We can offer you demonstrations, training and support services

We offer highly competitive rates and an impressive and diverse stock of equipment for you to take advantage of for your event. You can see more of our stock available here.

Our equipment

The correct and safe use of rigging gives us the perfect canvas to work from, and our premium stock of lighting equipment combined with creative and knowledgeable design can make your vision a reality.

We maintain a vast stock of event lighting offering some of the most innovative and forward thinking lighting equipment available today. All our equipment is meticulously maintained and installed for your project, whether we are providing a full management and design service or dry hire for industry professionals.

Offering industry leading equipment, you can see some examples of the vast variety of lighting options we can provide for your event here > lighting equipment.

From beam lights to LED and theatre lighting to strobes, all our lighting options provide a different atmosphere and mood to compliment your project perfectly. With a huge amount of knowledge and experience, we can always provide expert advice on the best lighting to choose for your chosen space, theme or type of event you are creating whether corporate.

Gobos are widely used for projecting both images and abstract shapes. These are explained in this video:

The way our lights look is just as important as the light they create. Some of our methods are outlined in this video:

Moving Lights are one of the key tools we use in our lighting designs. This video shows the basic features of these:

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