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HOLOX Holography

HOLOX is the latest development in live event holographic effects. SXS are the exclusive UK providers of this engaging presentation medium.

What is HOLOX?

HOLOX is a set of live event presentation techniques and technologies which allows for holographic effects within live events. The effect that is created shows live video and animated content floating around a presenter, event space or set. The effect is engaging, exciting and fresh. Presenters appear to interact with the content as a live hologram. It is the ultimate in augmented reality! 

HOLOX is the world's most innovative holographic presentation system, pioneered in the UK by SXS.

Imagine having content float in space. Picture your presenter being able to flick huge images and videos around a stage without anyone knowing how it is done. Think of the possibilities of having vitrual guests, presenters and performers on your stage. The days of conventional projection screens are limited; people want to see their contact moving with them. Modern mediums like smart phones and tablets all behave in this manner and so should presentation content.

HOLOX is the perfect system for this. Unlike dated "Pepper's Ghost" effects, HOLOX uses minimal stage space, can work in almost any venue, does not require heavyweight rigging and does not need headroom above normal stage height.

HOLOX is available for events throughout the world and the SXS team can provide just the proprietry system, or a complete production based around the HOLOX technology.

Can I see it now?

Yes, we have made a video to show HOLOX in use. The video gives an accurate and honest impression of the effects that can be expected with no CGI or post-production effects.

Why do you need HOLOX?

People no longer interact with content by looking at a screen and being talked at. Content is now tactile and interactive. People expect content to be dynamic and follow the motions and body language of the presenter - much the same as how content is seen on a modern tablet computer.

How does HOLOX work?

HOLOX uses a mixture of artistic theatre set design concepts, HD digital projection and 3D animations. HOLOX is an excellent example of technology and art merging; as well as tried and tested technologies being merged to create incredible audience experiences.

What about Pepper's Ghost?

Pepper's Ghost is another medium by which "holographic" effects can be created. Pepper's Ghost has many limitations including a requirement for considerable off-set space for projection and elaborate rigging. It is also only effective when viewed front-on for some types of content. Because of the complexity of rigging Pepper's Ghost can be a very expensive solution. HOLOX uses a unique scrim-based method which is viewable from all angles as well as using almost no stage space. HOLOX installations typically cost less than half that of Pepper's Ghost systems.

What are the limitations of Holox?

Holox technology does have its limitations and we'll advise you on the best ways to manage this. Holox requires black out in the room to perform at its best. We will carefully light presenters and props on stage, ensuring your holograms feel vivid and real. 

You will need to carefully consider your content when creating a hologram. Our in house studio are hologram specialists, we are also happy to advise your design team to ensure your content is at its best.  

How do I get HOLOX?

Please get in touch to discuss your next show with one of our experienced producers, and determine how this new technology can be integrated. HOLOX is a premium show feature but is affordable for most high-profile presentations.

For more information call 0333 022 0171

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