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HUDOR Water Screen

HUDOR is a projection screen created from water allowing images to float over water 

What is HUDOR?

HUDOR at its core is an incredible medium to display imagery in a lake, pool or even the sea. It creates an arching screen of fine mist at up to 20m in height. The mist disperses in the air creating a real depth to imagery projected upon it. 

Used alone or in combination with lighting and sound, it creates a true spectacle. 

Why do you need HUDOR?

If you have a body of water and want to create a show there is no better choice. Allowing you to display branding, abstract content or even messaging. HUDOR will delight your guests and leave a lasting impression.

How does HUDOR work?

HUDOR uses a high pressure nozzle developed by SXS combined with high pressure pumps and bright rear projection.

Can I see it now?

Yes, below is a selection of images from an event in our home town produced for Bristol University. 

What are the limitations of HUDOR?

As a projection based technology in the outdoor environment HUDOR shows are only possible once the sun has set. High wind speeds will also disperse the screen; however, a light wind can really add to the depth effect of the screen.

How do I get HUDOR at my event?

Please get in touch to discuss your next show with one of our experienced producers, and determine how this new technology can be integrated at your next show.

For more information call 0333 022 0171

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