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Live Cameras & IMag Screens

As part of our turnkey production solutions we offer live camera vision mixing and image magnification (IMag) screens.

Using the latest high definition and broadcast technology we provide highly effective live camera solutions with exquisite image quality standards. These systems are ideally suited to applications including:

  • Large scale venues - When audience members are at such a distance from the presenter or performer that they cannot fully see facial expressions and body language our image magnification solutions are ideal. This could apply to conferences in medium to large venues or large concerts and festivals.
  • Close-shots - it is often desirable to give the audience a close-up shot of presenters or performers. This allows a view of facial expressions and body language in a more intimate manner.
  • Relaying live imagery - often it is necessary to have a live video feed available in a space separate from where the main event activity is taking place; such as in breakout rooms for conferences, or for a larger audience area at a sporting event.

This video shows a typical live vision mix system for a large scale presentation:

Live vision systems include various components, all of which must be of the highest quality to maintain signal quality and image integrity. This includes:

  • Live cameras with various lens options.
  • Jib rigs to allow overhead and swooping shots.
  • Vision mixing systems which allow the director to choose which camera the audience sees and when.
  • Tally lights - these are a red light which glows on whichever camera is being output to the screens - this allows presenters or performers to know which camera to direct their attention to.
  • Camera Control Units (CCU) - these allow a single person to control the finer settings of all cameras from one place. These settings include white balance, iris, gain and focuss. This is essential to ensuring a consistent image quality across all cameras.
  • Display screens - these are the screens that audience members may view. SXS has a wide range of screen options in stock including high-resolution Lumio LED video walls (www.sxsevents.co.uk/services/lumio-led-video), high-powered video projection and plasma screens.
  • Recording Systems - we can record both the individual cameras as well as the mixed feed. This content can then be used at a later stage for edited content for online publishing, commercial distribution or as a digital keepsake of the event.
  • Live Streaming - let us help you expand your audience beyond those at the event. We can stream a live vision mix to an audience of your choice. This can be very useful for event organisers who wish to share their message with people not able to attend the event in person.

Learn more about our video production services: www.sxsevents.co.uk/services/event-video-production
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