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Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is a fantastic way to get your content out beyond its physical location. With Facebook live engagement stats surpassing all other types of media, live streaming is here to stay. Whether your venue is packed to the rafters or you have an audience across a wide geographic area, live streaming is the answer.

If you are already filming your event the cost of livestreaming can be surprisingly cost effective. In its most basic form a livestream can get out to the world with just a webcam and a laptop. For some content types this would be all you need however to offer a true broadcast experience on your webcast a directed, vision mixed, multi-camera set up is best.

How to live stream my event?

  • Internet - The most important thing you’ll need for your live stream. Preferably a dedicated hardwired line. You don’t want your delegate’s tweets on Wi-Fi affecting the quality of your image! Sometimes your venue simply won’t have internet or want extortionate rates to use it. Don’t worry! We can provide a range of solutions from satellite to mobile networks, ensuring you message gets out there no matter the circumstance.
  • Video of your event - From a webcam through to a full studio camera system its’ about the right solution for your job. For most live events we would generally recommend two manned cameras and a lock off. However, every event is different. If you’re using multiple cameras a vision director is essential. They will mix your cameras and on screen content, ensuring the in-room feel and important points are conveyed to your audience.
  • Platform - So you’ve got your video feed and your internet connection. Now you need to distribute your video. YouTube and Facebook are now big players in sector and offer fantastic services for getting your message free of charge. Sometimes you may need special features such as higher privacy or monetisation. We have used a variety of platforms and advise you on what’s best for your needs.

Our event coverage has been broadcast on BBC, ITV, Sky and multiple European networks. Whatever your budget we will have a solution to get your message out in the highest possible quality.

So whether it’s a conference, training, special event, concert or graduation ceremony, get in touch to find out how we can help you connect with a wider audience.

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