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  • Lumio Curved LED Video Screen

Lumio Curved LED Video Screen

LUMIO Curved is the latest display technology from SXS. LUMIO CURVED has all the benefits of established LED video screen technology with the added bonus of being able to create concave and convex screen systems.in.

What’s new about this?

We are one of the first adopters of high-resolution LED video screens in the UK and have been providing flat screens for several years.   What is new about LUMIO Curved is that it allows us to created screens which curve inwards (concave), curve outwards (convex), are a box shape or in a wave pattern?

  • You have a set with depth and shape that you want reflected in the style of video screen
  • You want to utilise an event space in a more engaging and stylish manner by using a curved or wave-shape screen
  • You may want to create a video tunnel where guests walk through a serpentine of video
  • To create a round (or semi-curved) video screen to go above an in-the-round presentation
  • You want something new and exciting to bring to your event designs

Lumio Curved LED Video Screen

How does the screen form a curve?

Each video panel is actually flat – it is by having angles on the joins that a curve is created. Strictly speaking we would call this a “tangential curve” as it is made up of many small straight sections?

How does the screen form a curve?

Each video panel is actually flat – it is by having angles on the joins that a curve is created. Strictly speaking we would call this a “tangential curve” as it is made up of many small straight sections?

Are there visible joins between the panels?

Absolutely not! The angled joining brackets have a curved sliding mechanism that ensures the faces of the video screen line up perfectly.

How bright is the screen?

Lumio and Lumio Curved are very bright. Even in venues with direct sunlight the screens perform very well. This makes all Lumio systems ideal for venues and applications where light levels are high and projection is therefore not suitable. In the majority of situations we have to dim the screen brightness to a comfortable level.

Lumio Curved LED Video Screen

Can Lumio Curved be used outdoors?

The curved system cannot get wet.  But if you require an outdoor LED video screen we have large stocks of outdoor-rated screen which are ideal for festivals, sporting events etc.  Please get in touch.

Can the screen be hung / flown?

Absolutely yes! Using hanging bars we can “fly” the screen from existing rigging points or construction a self-climbing structure. SXS offer truss, motors, dressing and all other hardware for this purpose.

Can the screen be ground stacked?

Absolutely yes!   We have multiple method of ground stacking screens which we have refined over several years. We do high-load systems which allow the bottom of screen to be well off the floor and high in the air. We also have low-profile options which use as little as 30cm of space front-to-back; these are ideal for retail and exhibition environments.

Can I play videos or PowerPoint on the screen?

Yes. Anything that can appear on a monitor can appear on the screen. We can provide anything from ultra-reliable scheduled playback systems (ideal for retail and exhibition) to live video feeds (for conferences and shows) to full media-server controlled playback systems with multiple layers and PIPs. Please get in touch!

Can SXS set it up for me?

Of course. We have several staff with several years’ experience setting up LED video wall systems.  We can provide a complete solution including crew, transport, rigging and operating. This can either be stand-alone or as part of a complete production solution from SXS (see the rest of this site for more info).

Lumio Curved LED Video Screen

Do you dry-hire the screen?

Yes, we offer dry hire. But we always make sure that our equipment is used at its best and that your show goes well. Because of this we offer free training to al dry hire customers upon collection. We generally encourage dry hire clients to take at least one of our senior technicians to support them onsite as well. There is a lot to know with LED video screens – they are not “plug and play”!

What is SXS’ track record like with LED screens?

We have several years’ experience in delivery LED video screen solution. We are proud to say that in all this time we have a FLAWLESS TRACK RECORD of screen reliability and have never suffered a single critical failure – this is virtually unheard of with LED screen suppliers. We put this down to exceptional maintenance programs, highly experienced crew and a high degree of technical redundancy.

How do I get this on my next event?

Just give us a call on 0333 022 0171 or email hello@sxsevents.co.uk

Better still, come and see us and get a demo of the screen. We also offer free training to all hire customers.

Please call 0333 022 0171 to discuss how we can help more.

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