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Lumio LED Video Screen

Clients who have rented out our Lumio LED video screen wall never go back to using projection, printed graphics or plasma walls again.

SXS provide a leading LED video wall hire service throughout the UK and Europe. Our 3.75mm Lumio LED Wall system has one of the highest reliable resolutions available and is one of the best products available in Europe. To understand what Lumio LED video is check out the show reel above.

With a stock of over 200 panels we are able to provide screen systems of over 50 square metres at short notice from our own personal stock of equipment stored at our warehouse in Bristol.

We have a dedicated product specialist in-house who has a thorough and complete knowledge of the equipment. The equipment is always sent out with a product specialist to ensure safe and proper use of the video screen for your event.

Lumio LED Video Wall

LED video screen applications

Suitable for a huge variety of applications, and particularly at this resolution, our screens for hire offer unparalleled versatility for your event.

Choosing the right type of video screen for your event does involve some consideration, and here at SXS we are always happy to give you our advice based on years of experience in the industry using all types of screen including plasma, projections and LED to ensure you make the right decision.

We've put together a handy guide which gives you the run down on the pros and cons of the different types of video screens you can hire out from us to help you understand the technology, its capacity and its limitations dependent on the audience, location and time of day.

You can also read through or lowdown on making the right decision. Ultimately it comes down to a variety of factors dependent on your requirements:

  • Brightness
  • Pixel pitch
  • Audience
  • Field of view
  • Resolution

We've put together a video too, so as you can see all the different types of video screen in use as well as learn about the differences.

Video content displays for presentations

Use as both set and video screen for presentations. Essentially the entire backdrop to a presentation stage is a giant video wall. This can then be divided by our media servers for different visual elements such as live camera feeds, presenter feeds, branding, twitter feed and design elements

Digital Backdrops for fashion shows

We can show scenery to reflect the creative perspective of a show.

Immersive rooms

We can cover all the walls in a room with video screen to make an incredible immersive space.

Retail displays

Allowing digital content to be visible across even the largest shop window displays.

Digital signage for exhibitions and other environments

A digital display allows for a high level of flexibility over typical printed mediums in these applications.

Lumio LED Video for Presentations

Why use SXS for LED video wall?

Our offering in the area of LED video walls is unique for several reasons:

  • We are a full spectrum production company which means we can provide a turnkey solution that incorporates rigging, audio, media servers, data management, custom fabrication, carpentry and lighting if needed
  • Our turnkey approach ensures greater service delivery, lower costs, less management and integrated technical solutions
  • Our rigging department can design bespoke rigging solutions to meet specific needs for each project; thus allowing us to setup in small and unusual spaces
  • Full time product specialists know the product to a high in-depth level
  • We typically set up the entire screen in the exact arrangement it is to be used prior to dispatch to speed up setup onsite
  • A full stock of spare parts is carried to each event; which allows for instant repair of any faults onsite

Benefits of LED Video Walls

LED video walls are probably the most flexible product available to hire out for an event offering a lot of versatility and exceptional performance. The majority of systems are suitable for outdoor and wet weather use.

Despite being pretty power efficient, they are the brightest of all screen systems you can choose from, and since they don't reply on projection they are fairly thin, so easily fit into a multitude of venues and settings.

As they are built out of panels that connect together, they offer a huge amount of flexibility, in their construction and installation. You can integrate them into an existing structure, stack them from the ground, mount them on a variety of objects and even hang them from the ceiling. Our product specialists can install these video walls pretty much anywhere!

More often than not, if your event is taking place in an area with high brightness and a large screen is needed to accommodate your audience's field of view, LED is the way to go.

Key features of our video wall

High Resolution

At 3.75mm pixel pitch the content is absolutely visible even when standing right next it to. Stand back a few metres and it is like looking at an HD TV.


The screen is so bright it can compete with direct sunlight which make it useable in places where projection is not.

Totally Scalable

We can build screens in excess of fifty square metres without a single visible join.

Shallow Depth

Our screens can be build up against walls and in tight spaces - no more need to consider rear-projection distance.

Flexible Shapes

Video walls do not need to be constrained to standard aspect ratios - strips, squares and even triangles can be created.

Flexible Rigging

Video wall can be flown, ground-stacked, or face-attached to set. We are yet to have a request we cannot fulfil.


Our system is always better than projection as black is always black, rather than a grey or white colour.

Competent Team

We only ever send our screens out with an experienced and well-trained full-time SXS staff member who can deal with any issues with the screen swiftly.

White Label

Our staff are discreet and will be happy to work under your brand. Our screen cases are not branded.


For most jobs we build the screen system in full prior to dispatch - you can even come and see it in person or we can send you images of the screen in use with your content.


All our screen systems go out with full redundancy and spare components for absolute reliability. All signal systems are double ended and all components can be changed in-situ in a matters of seconds.

See it

See a video showing the Lumio system

Realistic Pricing

We don't charge for multiple day's hire - every job is quoted based on a week.

Certification and Compliance

Our Lumio video wall is an imported product which has undergone significant compliance testing:

LED Screen Hire Special Offer

Hire for only £200 per m2 per week

It has been a great year for LED video screens and we are pleased to be offering a promotion on our Lumio 3.75mm pixel pitch LED video wall.

Offer Details

  • The offer is for the hire of four Lumio LED panels which are each 480mm x 480mm which is actually slightly less than a square metre. The offer equates to a hire price of £50 per panel.
  • The price is based on up to seven days kit hire, including travel time. Longer periods will be priced by negotiation.
  • The price of £200 includes screen panels, flightcases and all cable required.
  • The price does not include scalers, media servers, sending cards or rigging.
  • Offer valid for bookings made up to September 20 2015 for events taking place in 2015 - this may be extended.
  • Equipment prep is included in the price.
  • Onsite crewing and transport is not included.
  • Subject to availability.
  • All other terms, conditions, requirements, caveats and assumptions are stated on formal quotes.

Please call 0333 022 0171 to discuss how we can help more.

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