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Structures & Engineering

As events specialists, SXS Events can design, risk assess and build an impressive range of structures or custom builds to fulfil your brief. Regardless of the complexity or scale of your project, our rigging and structural departments are always up for the challenge your event or exhibition may present.

With years of experience, thorough knowledge in this field and a deep understanding of client requirements our solutions are always on time, on budget and built to the specifications you need.

Structural Projects for Events

Working with both structural engineers and the manufacturers of our equipment, we can establish the feasibility of any rigging or custom build project and continue to provide the expertise and installation of your structure.

No matter the concept or requirement, our extensive experience in this field means whether you want to create a ramp down a hill, a stage on which cars will be driven, or large overhead structures, we are able to assist.

SXS Events have worked on a vast variety of special projects involving complex engineering requirements and structural builds. As specialists in this field, we can assist you create the right atmosphere for you even, using our extensive range of structural equipment and technical know-how.

Typical structural projects we undertake include:

  • Ground support truss structures for entertainment equipment and graphics
  • Self-climbing structures that mitigate the need for working at height
  • Motorised lifting truss grids for where a range of hanging points are needed for exhibition and other projects
  • Outdoor structures for performances
  • Structures and custom build to be clad with graphics
  • Complex rigging requirements for exhibitions, concerts, stage, stands and fashion shows

We have spent years in the events industry, and have built up a vast collection of structural assets and equipment at our warehouses. As such, we hold a variety of core stock suitable for all manner of events and custom projects.

Just some of the equipment we hold and maintain includes:

  • 1000kg Electric chain hoists
  • Self-climbing truss legs
  • Aluminium trusses of various formats and sizes
  • Truss lengths from 105mm up to 3000mm
  • Adjustable truss sections that allow for precise spans to the nearest 10mm
  • Angle sections

For more information about some of the structural equipment we have available at SXS please see our rigging equipment for events.

SXS Event Rigging Specialisms

As seasoned experts with years of practical experience in the events industry, our rigging department have built up a range of core service areas where we provide clients with an end to end events solution.

For more information about some of our specialisms, see below:

Rigging for Event Production

SXS take a unique approach to rigging that maintains our core values of Safety, Aesthetics and fulfilling Client Briefs. As a specialist skill, our team have a wealth of invaluable resource and ability available to our clients, regardless of the nature of your event. As a full service provider our experience in a vast range of events production means we can provide a full end to end solution for event rigging. Find out more here.

Exhibition Rigging

We can work with you to develop and produce an exhibition rigging design that€™ll meet your requirements perfectly. With a full range of truss and lifting equipment available to us we can fabricate structures to make the most of your displays whether in our outdoors. Find out more about our services and supporting exhibition lighting here.

Rigging and Structures for Concerts

As a UK provider of extensive equipment and installation services for concert halls, arenas, studios and more our rigging and structural services for concerts and live sound are unparalleled. Read more here.

Stage and Performance Rigging

With over ten years' experience rigging we have the skills, equipment and know-how to design and install aerial performance rigs in a wide range of venues. Over the years our rigging designs have been used to move cars, fly performers and set, and create performance platforms in the sky. Find out more.

Custom Truss Design

Many of our clients have some very precise truss size requirements. This is often the case when trying to build large or complex structures in tight spaces such as non-dedicated venues and in marquees. Find out more about our solutions here.

Rigging Equipment & Truss for Hire

We hold a large stock of truss, lifting gear, scaffold, and associated equipment for use in the South West, London and beyond. With one of the UK's largest stocks of truss, hoists, slings, accessories and angled sections we can fulfil even the most unusual briefs. Find out more about our equipment here.

Venues and UK Areas we Service

As a full service events production and management company, SXS Events are frequently trusted with providing rigging services for both marketing agencies and individual companies at top venues across London, Bristol, the UK and Overseas.

We have worked in a variety of sophisticated and modern exhibition spaces where hundreds of shows and events are held each year ranging from bluechip AGMs to conferences. You can find out more about our extensive services at some of the UK€™s top venues below.

Understanding structures & rigging

For those new to the concept of structural projects for events and the basic concepts and theory behind rigging and its use in events, we have a series of explanatory articles we have written.

Rigging Overview

This article has been written as part of our series of articles about rigging. This section has been written to explain, in simple terms, the basic methods used for event rigging.

Rigging Points Explained Article

The second in the series covers some of the main types of rigging points and how they relate to an Event Manager's role.

Rigging Plots Explained Article

Here we discuss rigging plots, the method by which a rigging contractor or production company communicates to others, what they intend to do with rigging.

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