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We take our sustainability very seriously. We want to make sure that everything we do can carry on for generations to come. Where we do harm we aim to mitigate this by doing a lot of good.

Our approach has three levels:

1. Reduce

We look to reduce the amount of materials we use. Examples include:

  • Offering video/digital solutions to clients instead of print graphics
  • Running as few vehicles to events as possible – we are perfectly setup for this as a true one stop solution provider we often use one truck when others may use several
  • Designing set concepts around the most efficient sheet material sizes
  • Putting pressure on suppliers to send less packaging

2. Re-use

Where we do need to use materials such as wood, graphics and plastic we aim to re-use or upcycle the materials. Examples include:

  • Working with wood which we can later donate to others (such as ply instead of MDF sheets) or make furniture from
  • Print on the reverse side of foamex sheets
  • Keep postal packaging materials to reuse

3. Mitigate

With all of the above we are still consuming earth resources and producing carbon and landfill. As such we are compelled to offset this damage. In order to do this we have started the Warleigh Weir Project which promotes the sustainable use of the countryside and also conducts agricultural-scale tree planting activities and conservation work. You can learn more about the Warliegh Weir Project here www.warleighweir.co.uk or watch the video below:


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