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By blending a range of technical and artistic techniques SXS have created an advanced suite of methods to deliver content in a more immersive and engaging manner.

All too often presentations are done with the use of a standard video screen and a presenter paraphrasing slides. We believe that more can be done to engage an audience and deliver content. This philosophy has led us to develop what we call Augmented Presentations and brand Immersitech.

Augmented Presentations will become the new standard in conference production design. SXS are the perfect innovation partner for projects needing a fresh, engaging and modern approach.

Augmented Presentations are all about using a range of technologies and mediums to better deliver messages through immersive, multi-sensory and digital experiences. We want your audience to be connected, intrigued, excited and engaged. Audience members should leave with a deeper, instinctive and emotional grasp of the content and the message you want to deliver – not just a series of bullet points on a handout.

The Elements

We achieve this by using a range of technologies and methods including:

3D Mapped Projection 3D Mapped Projection

Video content designed in 3D to match contours of buildings and sets – transforming spaces and bringing your message & brand identity to life.

Surround Sound Surround Sound

Surround sound gives a greater sense of location and connection. We can create bespoke soundscapes & playback solutions for a truly theatrical experience.

Wind Effects Wind Effects

We can create a gentle breeze to ease an audience into any scene you wish or a hurricane to blow your audience away, figuratively, of course.

Radiative Heat Radiative Heat

Experience the deep warmth of the sun on your skin or the heat of the Saharan Desert. Temperature controlled devices that can transport you to a different climate.

Rain & Mist Rain & Mist

Water mist can give a wet and cooling effect. Using our proprietry Aquila rain system, we can even create real rain on stage, in a venue or even in an audience!

360 Video Rooms 360° Video Rooms

Imagine a room where walls appear and you can take a journey through space and time. A room where all walls are video screens allows for some incredible and mind-altering experiences.

Immersive Digital Immersive Digital

Using the latest VR and 360-degree videography equipment, we can give guests who could not attend the event their own digital immersive experience.

Vibrations Vibrations

Rumbles, thunder and earthquakes can tie in with content delivery, to shake things up or soothe your audience with it's subtleness.

Scent & Aromas Scent & Aromas

Scent machines to put the audience in the target environment; the olfactory sense has a very profound subconscious impact on our memories.

The Creative Arts and Technology combined.

Augmented Presentations utilise the latest technology alongside an innovative creative approach; all of which is underpinned by solid, established theatrical and presentation design techniques and the latest technology. Sophisticated media servers allow for content to be warped, overlayed and composited in a way to make traditional elements more engaging and exciting. Creative design allows us to use your existing content as the starting point for creating augmented content – all the while ensuring we stay on-brand and on-message. With our community of film producers, 3d artists and editors we can also create custom content ranging from simple green-scene presentations through to full 3D CGI animations.

For Example:

This is a new approach to presentations so may sound a little obscure. Here are a few examples of how our clients have utilised these techniques on past projects:

  • Construction Conference – while the central projection screen shows traditional content, we plunge the audience into the environment of a busy construction site. The walls have live video content of construction activity happening all around. A cinematic surround sound system plays a custom sound scape that reflects the ambience of the site. A scent machine can give the scent of freshly-broken ground.
  • Wildlife Documentary viewing – the main screen can show the content in glorious high-clarity video. Meanwhile the rest of the venue has 3d mapped video footage on all walls showing the environment that the video was made in, such as underwater, the African savannah, or Amazon jungle. Warm lighting reflects the sun going down, while the subtle scent of warm grass finishes the experience.
  • Cosmetics Presentation – A cosmetics presentation may need to deliver information about the product benefits as well as product science in the same presentation. In this case we can utilise the main screen for the key product info and use additional vertical screens to show secondary content such as technical data – this allows the audience to choose which content they wish to absorb.

The Equipment:

The technical equipment we use for Augmented Presentations is all from SXS in-house stock and reflects some of the very latest in live event technology. This includes:

  • LUMIO high-resolution LED video screen. This system allows impactful video presentations to take place in broad daylight without loss of image quality
  • Video Projection. Our awesomely powerful 20,000 lumen Barco projectors are ideal for large-format projection screens, projection mapping and outdoor video
  • Scent Machines – our nebulising scent machines allow over 500 different fragrances to full any event space. With integrated DMX control we can switch scents on or off
  • Lighting – our mixture of the latest intelligent lighting and traditional theatrical lighting can create the perfect scene to inspire emotion and connection to the event space.
  • Secondary Projection – using additional video or gobo projects we can depict artistic shapes or video content
  • Special effects such as smoke, haze, rain curtains, misting effects and CO2 jets can all be used to create an exciting and memorable 5D cinema experience
  • Show control systems are the backbone of our choreographed Augmented Presentations. A range digital control systems are used to ensure that all features, effects and content play back in perfect timing.

Please get in contact to see how SXS can bring Augmented Presentations to your next event.

For more information call 0333 022 0171

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