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Coors Light Ice Bar Tour

In 2014 SXS was appointed as production partner for the delivery of the Coors Light Ice Bar campaign.

This has been one of the most interesting and technically challenging projects we have undertaken in our 15-year history. The Ice Bar experience is part of a wider campaign to promote the Coors Light brand. The Ice Bar is a touring structure that has been installed in Brixton and Manchester. It features a huge graphics surround, Apres-ski Bar and an Ice Bar that is cooled to sub-zero temperatures (-25 degrees Celsius was the record).

As the entire structure had to be built on uneven ground, and to be fully weather-proof, heated, cooled and have a premium finish throughout the structural design was complex and sophisticated. Our team developed, built, installed and operated:

  • A raised platform for the entire structure
  • Interiors, décor and set throughout
  • A large ground support truss system for the graphics and branding to wrap the entire structure
  • The ice bar, including developing custom manifold and airflow management systems
  • Audio system throughout for both background music and Rudimental's performance on the opening night
  • Lighting for outside the structure, inside the warmer apres ski bar and inside the ice bars
  • All graphics throughout

The ice itself was provided by Ice Box who did a fantastic job.

"I am really proud of what the team have done here" says SXS founder and project leader Johnny Palmer. "We are all in this line of work to do new, exciting and challenging projects which involve new tech, this was perfect for us!"


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